At Whitsunday Coast Airport, we offer a safe and convenient car park that is located directly opposite the terminal. Bookings are not required for short or long stays. Our car park system is ticketless, so all you need to do when arriving at the airport is:

  • Enter the car park via the boom gate (your number plate will be recognised)
  • When you return, you can either tap a credit card at the boom gate to exit – the parking fee will be displayed; or
  • You can pay cash at our pay station inside the terminal building – you’ll need to add your vehicle registration number.
Time Parking Fee
0 - 30 minutes Free
30 minutes - 2 hours $6.50
2 - 8 hours $13.00
8 - 30 hours $24.00
Each 24 hours thereafter $22.00
Annual Corporate Parking Card $2,040.00